A Bag of wonky treats, bags will contain a random combination of treats that aren't perfect or excess stock for a cheaper price.

'Wonky' Treats


A selection of 'wonky' treats! they may not be perfect but they still have the same great taste and at a cheaper price


Wholewheat flour, baking powder, water, peanut butter, and coconut oil

May also include: dog friendly icing, carob, food colouring or banana

Additional Info:

A complimentary dog treat to be eaten along side a regular diet.

Ensure your pooch has no allergies and that fresh water is available at all times 

Use Within 2 Weeks

recommended for pups 4 months and older

Approx 100g per bag

Store in an air tight container to keep treats fresher for longer.

Registered with Trading Standards - GB061 R306887

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"Hugo absolutely LOVED these treats! Never seen him go so crazy before. The packaging was stunning too. Definitely will be buying again"


"Marge loves these bones. They are lovely and soft and smell so nice. Thank you OhCrumbs Treats. Its a high five from us"


"So happy with these treats! Super fast delivery & great communication with seller. Packaging is perfect!"


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