Are you Registered with DEFRA?

No we're not. This is because we dont use any animal byproducts in our treats meaning that it isn't a requirement to be registered with DEFRA. We are registered with trading standards, our registration number is GB061 R306887

Do you ship worldwide?

Sorry furiends we currently only ship to the UK. we hope to eventually go worldwide!

Do you take special requests?

Yes, yes we do! and we love them! Let us know if you have any special requests by sending us a message on our website using the "Lets Chat" bar in the bottom right of the screen or Via our social media accounts.

Are you doing any shows/markets this year?

We don't have anything booked at the moment but it's something we'd love to try out! If you have any shows that you'd like to see us at send us a message using the "Lets Chat!" function in the bottom right or Via out social media accounts.

Do you take wholesale orders?

We have a range of wholesale options available with no MOQ. For enquires please contact us via our email at info@ohcrumbstreats.co.uk or by contacting us on our Instagram page @ohcrumbstreats